What is Network Security ? Types of attacks | Security Goals

Friend ! In today my article is based on What is Network Security ? Guys we are living in era of Information all Information is must important for us and we need to keep information about every aspect. We can say that information is like an asset. Information asset value is similar to the another asset value.

At this age we need to secured our asset means information from cyber attacks and hacking. Information is shared from one device to another device.


What is Network Security :-

Network security is made up of two words Network and Security, so we first need to know about the network, Network means transferring data by connecting two or more devices via wire or wireless. Then now understand what is Network Security ? Network security means protecting data or information from cyber attacks and unauthorized access. It is a protection guard of our data and information that protect from cyber attacks. Hardware and software data are made more and more secure through network security so that there is no theft or change in data. There are some network security experts who protect our data against hacking attacks.

Its size is used to ensure network security means Basic Network Security and High Network Security.

In Basic Network Security, small group network devices are secured and large amount of network group is handle by the High Network Security. Like Antivirus, Access Control, Network Monitoring.

Network Security secure our information in 4 ways :-

  • Secure
  • Monitor
  • Test
  • Improve

Security Goals in Network security :-


In this section we will discuss about three security goals of Network security :-

  • Confidentially
  • Integrity
  • Availability

Confidentially :-

Confidential data and information are protected in this security goals and its most common factor of security goals. Information is not only used to store, but is also used in the transmission of information, A large network needs a guard to avoid attacks and to secure information. When we transmit data with a computer, it means that the transfer of data through the sender and the data is accessed by the receiver, the data needs to be hidden during transmission.

Integrity :-

Integrity means that we can access and modify the value of data and information by authorizing it in case of need. Information is not constant, it needs to be changed from time to time, for example we go to deposit money in the bank, the value of the bank balance changes means value can be change and it changes done by the authorized entities. Integrity violation not involved authorization of data interruption in system such as unwanted changes in data.

Availability :-

Availability is a third factor of Security Goals. We create and store any information so that we can access the Authorized way when needed because we know that the information needs to be modified. If any information disappears from an organization then it is very harmful for organization for example if your bank can't able to access your account transactions.

Now you will understand what is Network security and Security Goals ?

Let's explain Types of attacks

Types of Attacks :-

There are different types of attacks performed in security goals :-


Snooping Attack :-

Snooping is a first types of attacks, data is intercepted. If you have to transfer a file that has Confidential Information from one device to another and if it intercepts the unauthorized entity data and uses it for its own benefit in the process of data transfer, then it is a snooping attack.

Traffic Analysis :-

This attack mainly analyzes the nature of the message, information and communication patterns and it is a part of Social engineering. Suppose there is a transfer of data between two devices, Attacker unauthorizedly hacks the communication process and obtains the nature and communication pattern of the message.

Modification :-

It is another type of attacks. In this, first the data or information is hacked or intercepted, after that the data is changed for its own benefit. For example Bank transaction receipt.

Masquerading :-

Social attack is done in this attack, meaning that the user is told that Attacker is helping him, but this does not happen, the hacker first takes the user's data and then uses that data for his own benefit. For example Call frauds.

Replay Attack :-

It is a part of Integrity security goals. In this, the attacker first detects the data transmission and it is between the transmission sender and receiver. The attacker sends miss communication between the sender and receiver and keeps the message delayed and repeats and uses the data to its advantage.

Repudiation attack :-

This is different type of attacks, A repudiation attack performed between sender and receiver, this attack occurs when the user is unable to control his system.

Denial of service attack :-

It is very common attack that are performed by an organization as well as a single hacker. In this attack, a large organization is disrupted or slowed down to damage its systems. For example an organization has a website and the traffic strength of that website is 1000 visitors per second, then the hacker unofficially sends traffic of more than 1000 visitors to their website, causing their website to crash.

So friends, you must all understand what is network security? Security goals and types of attacks, now understand why network security is important?

Importance of Network Security :-

Network security is must important in our daily life.

  • Network Security is most important to transfer data from one device to another device.
  • We are able to secure our data from unauthorized access only through network security.
  • Network security secure your business, organization and workstation from the attackers.
  • Network security is used to detect system vulnerabilities.
  • network security is make more secure of hardware and software system.

Conclusion :-

In the 21st century, the Internet has made a splash all over and its increasing popularity has made our lot of work even easier, but every coin has two aspects, one piece and one bad. Just as using the internet has made our life easier, similarly it has also proved to be harmful for us.

We can easily send any information from one device to another with the computer network, but there are some bad people in our society who misuse our data and harm us, we also call them hackers or attackers and It is very important to secure our data from different types of attacks and for this we use network security which secures our data.

Today you read in my article is What is Network Security ? Types of attacks | Security Goals, I hope you liked my article thank you and keep supporting

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