At present time everyone loves gaming. In today's time everyone has mobile and users play and enjoy their free time mobile games, computer games. If seen in mobile games, pubg (Player unknown battlegrounds) and free fire online games have become very famous and talk about computer games, GTA 5, resident evil and many more games have become famous. So in this topic today, we will talk about  Vortex Cloud Gaming review, we will talk about the features of Vortex Cloud Gaming. 

So first we will talk about cloud gaming and how it works ?

Cloud Gaming :-

Cloud Gaming is like an online gaming service that helps to play high end graphics games that are not in the low end computer specifications, You can use this service in any of your mobile, computer, laptop or tablet and can play high end games which is not possible to play in normal computer.

Cloud gaming is like a streaming subscription, we can easily play any high end game in mobile, computer, tablet by applying simple concepts and the best thing about it is that we need someone to play high end graphics games High specification hardware is not needed.

In today's time, the demand for cloud gaming is increasing because cloud gaming technology saves both time and money. The big software industries are working in this field and it would not be wrong to say that cloud gaming has captured a large part of the market under its belt. Cloud gaming is not good because user experience is not good in this platform it is like a virtual.

cloud gaming how it works

How does Cloud gaming works :-

Let's know how cloud gaming works :-

The process of working cloud gaming is very simple in this, the game runs in the server in a complete manner and not in any system. Due to which we do not need a system with high end specification. 

Let's assume that you have run a game in cloud gaming, then the game will not open in the device, it will open in the server and we will only see the video in the device. Now when you give any input through your controller, this input will go to the server and after the input is processed it is visible in the display.

We feel that we are playing this game on the device, but it does not happen, we are playing this game in the cloud gaming server, which looks very realistic.

Now lets understand Vortex cloud gaming :-

Vortex cloud gaming :-

vortex cloud gaming

Vortex cloud gaming is a service that are provide to gamers to play high end graphics games on your system (Mobile, Computer, tablet), Vortex cloud gaming come under best 5 cloud gaming service. It have high library of games like GTA 5, Resident evil, and many more. Vortex cloud gaming charge only $10 as a service, I think which is not a big deal.

The main aim of Vortex cloud gaming is to provide high end graphics games at very low specifications system. The best part of it is that you do not need to download the games, all you have to do is select the game and then you can play the game through the Vortex cloud server. It provide a best opportunity to gamers for playing their favourite games. It is come under best 5 cloud gaming service.

Minimum system requirement for Vortex cloud gaming :-

Vortex cloud gaming is not required high specific configurations of system, it can easily run on the low specific configurations of the system.

Minimum system requirements :-

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Android (minimum android lollipop version 5.0-5.1.1 )
  • Macos.
  • Minimum RAM :- 4GB
  • Processor upto :- Intel i3 
A very good internet connection. (Minimum speed of internet is 5mbps.)

Note :- This specifications is change for different games. 

Now lets talk about the Features of Vortex cloud gaming.

Features :-

Easy to use :-

Vortex cloud gaming installation process is very easy and also easy to access the games. It provide smart menu icons that help to play any games. After watching its functions I will give 4 stars.

Low cost :-

Vortex cloud gaming price is very less it start just only $10. It provide high end graphics games at very low price. 
vortex cloud gaming price

Supported Games :-

It supports almost all games with high graphics like GTA 5, Resident evil, Fortnite  etc. Currently it works on the new release games. After watching its performance I will give 4 stars.

Pros :-

  1. Vortex cloud gaming is very low cost and affordable. It start just only $10 per months.
  2. It provide user friendly experience.
  3. It have high end graphics games library.
  4. No need any physical hardware.
  5. It is support different operating system (Android, Windows, Macos).
  6. You can play a games with updated technology

Cons :-

  1. Trouble with high end graphics games.
  2. Need a very good internet.
  3. It is not good for multiplayers 

In my opinion it is best for playing games at just only low price, it is best for low specific configurations system, it provide more virtual worlds. 

Vortex cloud gaming is works on make better future for gaming industries, it provides highly updated new technology that improve our gaming experience. We can easily access any kind of games by the help of Vortex cloud gaming. It is highly recommended in my opinion because it just only charge $10 as a service and provides a very better quality gaming experience.

Let's talk user experience :-
  1. Is vortex cloud gaming good or not ?
In my opinion you should not think much about this platform, as it provides a very good user experience and the price is also affordable. Vortex cloud gaming are actually working on the updated technology.

     2. Is vortex cloud gaming is free or paid ?

A simple word vortex cloud gaming is paid but it charge only $10 per months which is affordable. And also take subscription plans for high demands game.

     3. What internet speed required for vortex cloud gaming ?

A very good internet connection is required for vortex cloud gaming and internet speed must be 5mbps. 

So guys thanks for reading my article I think it is very useful for you and if you have any queries about Vortex cloud gaming reviews please comment it.

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